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Now that the summer is in full swing and the children are on holiday I thought it would be a great time to reflect on the blessings of the last few months and look forward to those blessing that lay just around the corner.

Over the last 4 years God has specifically guided LEAF to focus on encouraging church leaders to network with their neighbouring church leadership and therefore grow a greater depth of community action. This has seen a increasing bond between the churches of the area and a deepening of fellowship ties. This theme will continue to develop throughout the next the coming months.

RT KendallRT KendallIf we take a moment to look back we can see that since last year we have deepened our links with the New Forest Filling Station whose program to bring good quality speakers regularly into the area to encourage the church has seem them taking on and fulfilling some of the vision that LEAF had to plan big meetings. One example of this was the inspirational meeting with Dr. RT Kendall in March. As over 200 people gathered from around the area to hear this respected leader speak at the evening meeting and then the following morning meet with 50 church leaders over breakfast where he was able to encourage each one with testimony of what is happening globally within the church plus take questions from the floor. This was an inspirational time.

In June we had another visit from the Korean Pilgrims of Prayer who came to visit UK churches so that they might bless them and pray for revival within the area. This year rather than a single team we welcomed three team of 34 South Korean’s in total. The teams stayed in three areas of the forest visiting the churches within that catchment and praying for the leadership and the ministry of the Word within each church. 34 churches were visited in all with several special celebration meetings in each area. Our thanks go to the host churches and teams at Poulner Baptist, River of Life and the Lighthouse Community church who we know were mightily blessed and inspired. Already there is talk of the 2017 visit! Where will they visit next?

Prayers for Revival 

Prayer for RevivalWe continue to hold the LEAF Prayer for Revival prayer meetings in association with the River of Life Church at Tiptoe. These meeting are a time for anyone who hungers for revival to come and pray over a 5 hour period which also coincides with the leaders prayer time on the 1st Thursday morning of each month. These meetings hosted by Pastor Joy Bingham, are rich times of intersession for the church across the New Forest and for our nation as a whole. The meetings have been inspired directly by the visit of the Korean pilgrims.

LEAF Committee Update

As the relationship between leaders has grown we have recently welcomed to the LEAF Committee Joy Bingham who also joins the Trustees of LEAF. Joy takes over the mantle of Prayer Coordinator from Mary Dyer who stepped down earlier in the year. Our thanks go to Mary for her many years of leadership service to LEAF. She continues with her work at the Lighthouse Community church and we wish her every blessing in her work; as we also wish Joy every blessing in her new role at LEAF. May she inspire us in our prayer life.

Upcoming Plans:

I DO? Resources for a Successful Marriage

On 15th September we have our next LEAF Leaders Lunch. This time it is another special event focused on the growing number of resources that encourage a strong and successful marriage through marriage preparation training or after marriage courses that strengthen and deepen relationships.Kathryn Hill Called ‘I DO? : Resources for a Successful Marriage’ we have invited 3 special guests to inspire us. Katharine Hill (right): Director of Policy at Care for the Family to speak about the new resource ‘The Marriage Sessions’; Mervyn and Clare Suffield to share about ‘Love After Marriage’ and John Deaver who will talk about ‘Prepare - Enrich UK’ a questionnaire based tool to unwrap relationships which can be done with trained practitioners or even online!

If you are involved with marriage preparation or enrichment in you church then why not come along! Please refer to the LEAF Events page for full information and then email admin@leaforest.org to secure your place. 

HOPE 2018?

Roy CrowneAs we look forward we are already making plans for 2017 and the following year; on Thursday 27th April 2017 we have booked Roy Crowne to come and speak to church leaders regarding the next HOPE 2018 campaign. As with the 2014 initiative we found that many churches we introduced to their neighbours, new networks were made and many people were blessed within the communities around each partaking church. HOPE 2018 looks to do more of the same but also widening the reach of the church. In 2014 we found that the local press was very interested in what was going on and we have built upon that relationship over the intervening years.

All these things are made possible through your prayer support. As we look to the future we hope you will join us in continued prayer calling upon God to encourage the New Forest church leadership, pour His spirit upon His church so that it will experience new growth and people will experience personal and spiritual revival. Thank you!

Yours in Christ,
       pp: LEAF Committee

Brian Edgeley
LEAF Administrator 


Prayer For Revival

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