Korean Prayer Mission 2017

LEAF Korean UK Prayer Mission 2017

Fanning Revival into Flame

The 2017 LEAF Korean Prayer Mission is taking place during the last week of June when two team of South Korean Christians return to the UK to stand with the UK church in praying for our church, and country. The UK, who once sent missionaries to Korea with the Gospel, is now welcoming the descendants of those first missionaries spiritual children back home to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. As 250 Korean pilgrims of prayer come in response, they believe, to Gods call. From a distance they have seen the struggles that the UK has faced - is facing, and so they come to stand with us in prayer.

250 UK-bound Pilgrims of Prayer:

The 250 pilgrims arrive on, and around, June 27th and will stay with 25 hosting churches across the UK until 3rd July. Their aim is to pray throughout the night, from midnight through 05:00 am, for the host church, its leaders and members, congregation and community. Their prayer is wonderfully flowing and in depth, and is recorded below, although this only gives and overview of their prayer guidelines.

2 New Forest Teams:

There will be 2 New Forest teams staying on the Southampton Waterside and in Ringwood. The host churches - Lighthouse Community church and Poulner Baptist Chapel, both hosted a team last year and were so blessed that they agreed to host another  this year. In fact, Poulner Baptist put in the request for a team immediately after the 2016 team left!

Prayer Sleep Prayer:

As mentioned, the visiting pilgrims will be praying throughout the night for their host churches, and then after a few hours rest - sleeping in the church, they will visit other local churches to pray with leaders, bless their pulpits and pulpit bibles, so that the preaching of the Word will be effective and powerful - and go on to enthuse people with a new passion for life, holiness and prayer.

Unity Gathering for Revival

Namjin Kim: Director UK Prayer MissionIn previous Prayer Missions, larger unity meetings have been arranged in churches with invitations to all local churches to attend. In the Forest this year it is a little different, with the majority of time spent on prayer and blessing.

Namjin Kim: Director of UK Prayer Mission says:

"Recently I was out in Korea training the teams in why we pray, how we pray and what we pray for. The story behind our Christian heritage makes us very respectful towards the UK and especially Wales; during a time of prayer when there was 150 of us praying that God would use us to encourage the UK church  God showed one of the delegates a picture. In that image there were areas of the UK that had very low faith and some where faith burned brightly. It was like a campfire of glowing embers. In the picture the person saw that the Korean pilgrim of prayer were like fresh tinder ready to be put of the fire and that our prayers where going to fan into flame the fire of Christian revival"

Namjin and his PA, Ki Moon, set about finalising this years mission with the slogan: 'Fanning Revival into Flame.'

Good News Spreads like wild fire:

With news of the New Forest blessings of the last couple of years and with the stories being recorded on the LEAF Website Articles page; requests have come in from near and far to be put in touch with Namjin. One such contact means that this year Bournemouth will host its first team of Korean pilgrims at The Life Centre - home to Bournemouth Community Church. Already plans are in place for a number of key local churches to host meetings with the pilgrims - all of whom are gifted in the area of prayer and seek simply to bless others and stand with them - side-by-side, in petitioning God for His blessing upon the church and the community around.

Korean Hands on UK Pulpits:

Korean Hands on UK Pulpits'Korean Hands on UK Pulpits' ran the headline of a small newspaper article; it told the story of the Koreans laying hands on the pulpits of the churches they visited and the prayer they prayed. Obviously spoken in Korean, its translation is a mere reflection of the spiritual impact and the Spirit in which it was delivered. Several pastors were brought to tears hearing the song of the Koreans, for truly their powerful prayers were like songs of worship in which the heavenly angels themselves join in. Other pastors simply stood with outstretched or open hands ready to receive the blessing bestowed upon them.

UK Prayer Mission: Four-fold prayer:

Since 2010 thousands of prayer warriors from Korea have come on a pilgrimage to the UK to pray. Throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland evangelical Korean's come for between 5-7 days to sleep on church floors, to pray through the night and visit to other churches in the area to pray for the spiritual revival of that church, churches and the area. And their four-fold prayer is amazing:

  1. They pray for the UK Church that it might grow and prosper and once again grow a generation of Christians on fire for God and with that same Victorian spirit of mission that the early missionaries had.
  2. They pray that God would bless Church leaders, their work and ministry; that they would prosper and be fruitful in ministry.
  3. They bless UK pulpits that God's Spirit of power and authority would flow out from the open gates of heaven, through the preached Word of God and through the mouths and lives of the preachers - to bless the hearers, the fellowships and congregations - and therefore the communities in which the churches are founded; and it would be like a mighty pent up flood from heaven.
  4. ...that revival would once again visit our land and church baptisteries would once again be regularly filled and used; that some of those new Christians baptised would be the missionaries of tomorrow who would take the gospel to the nations.


If you wanted to join the Koreans in their overnight prayers for an hours, or two or more, you could contact the following churches:

Lighthouse Community ChurchLighthouse Community Church 2012
Hardley Green
SO45 3NZ

Chairman:Roy Dyer
Tel:023 8024 3306
E-mail: admin@lighthousecommunitychurch.co.uk


poulner Baptist Chapel, Hangersley, RingwoodPoulner Baptist Chapel
Linford Road
BH24 3HZ

Pastor: Adam Skirton
Assistant Pastors: Derek Jones and Nick Magor (Families)
Pastoral Assistant: Fran Bowen

Tel: 01425 473388


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