2015: LEAF Korean Prayer Mission

Korean Prayer Mission 2015

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God is blessing the South Korean church. Growth in numbers finding faith in Jesus and a fervour for prayer have given rise to increased faith. As God continues to bless His church a prayer arose that God would also bless the Missionary senders - the United Kingdom - who sent out those faithful missionaries long ago and from whom the Korean church was birthed. You can read more of the Prayer Mission History here.

It is for that reason that 300 Korean Pastors and members of their congregations are coming to the UK to pray in June. A dozen of those flying in to Heathrow will be coming to the New Forest to support the churches in and through prayer. They will be coming with an female Interpretor through whom they will speak and share their faith.

In fact it was in 2010 with a deep sense of prayerful longing a small number of South Korean Christians first visited the UK to pray. So successful was it that a larger mission returned in 2013 and then again in 2014 - criss crossing the country in prayer. One such team visited St Thomas Church Eastleigh, Hampshire and it is said that St Thom's, and the surrounding area was soaked in prayer. They are still living the blessing!

This year sees 300 Korean Christians visiting the UK, with teams visiting 30 locations throughout the UK. Again Eastleigh will be hosting a team as will the Portsmouth churches; plus of course LEAF in the New Forest. You can watch a CTS Video below of their trip to the United Kingdom in 2014 which includes a whole section on their visit to St Thomas' Eastleigh. It reveal's some poignant questions to young people in the area and their honest answers. Even though the video is in Korean, it gives you a deep sense of what will happen throughout the New Forest area when the team visit us to stand with us in prayer for our communities.

LEAF New Forest Prayer Mission - Lyndhurst

Revd. Dr. James BruceThe New Forest Team will be a group of 12 people (9 female and 3 male) plus their interpreter, all who have a passion for prayer and an eagerness to serve the churches of this area.

The team will be staying in the centre of the forest, Lyndhurst, and Revd. Dr. James Bruce (seen Left) will be hosting the team at St Michael's and All Angels Church. One of the aims for the New Forest team will be to visit some of the LEAF Hub churches to pray for them, the community surrounding them and for the Word of God which is faithfully preached each Sunday within those churches to be effective and powerful. The Korean's have a powerful prayer ministry and God has really spoken to them about coming to Britain to pray for the effectiveness of preached and spoken Word.


We very much look forward to the blessing our Korean brothers and sister are going to bring us. As they travel around visiting various churches and areas within the New Forest we look for favourable weather and open hearts and minds to God's touch.praying hands for prayer mission 2015

Timetable of Events.

  • Wednesday 24th June: 
    • 14:40 - Team arrive at Heathrow.
    • Evening: Closed team meeting: Team Introductions plus An Introduction to St Michael's and All Angels Church and the New Forest area.
  • Thursday 25th June:
    • 10:30AM Prayer Walk Lyndhurst. [You are welcome to join us for a prayer walk around Lyndhurst.]
    • 1:00-4:00PM - Visiting Winsor Mission Evangelical Church
    • 5.00PM Tea at Ashley Baptist Church.
    • 7:00PM An Evening of Prayer and Praise and Worship:  At  Ashley Baptist Church - All are welcome.
      • Address Details:

        Ashley Baptist Church
        Lower Ashley Road,
        New Milton,
        BH25 5AA.

  • Friday 26th June:
    • ‚Äč10:30AM Prayer Walk - Lyndhurst Churches. You are welcome to join us for a prayer walk around Lyndhurst and its churches.
    • 2:00 - 4.00PM Praying for the  Cornerstone Hythe United Reformed Church, Waterside.
    • Evening - Free Time for the team
  • Saturday  27th June:
    • Morning - Free Time for the Team
    • Afternoon - An Introduction to Lymington and Prayer for Lymington Baptist Church.
    • 5.00PM Tea with the Fellowship at The Jireh Centre Tiptoe
    • 7:00PM Prayer Celebration - A time of Praise Worship and Prayer for the church event hosted by River of Life Church @ Wellspring's - the Jireh Centre, Tiptoe. All are welcome along to this time of Celebration.
      • Address Details:

        The Jireh Centre,
        Wootton Road,
        SO41 6FT

  • Sunday 28th June:
    • Morning Services:
      • 8.00AM Early Communion Service at 'St Michaels Church', Lyndhurst with Revd. Dr. James Bruce
      • 9:30AM [Small team] Emery Down Church with Revd. Dr. James Bruce
      • 11.00AM Morning Service incl. Childrens Thanksgiving/Blessing @ St Michaels Church, Lyndhurst with Revd. Dr. James Bruce
    • Afternoon - Free
    • 6.00PM - Bring and Share Tea at St Michael's and All Angels Church - why not plan to bring some food along to St Michael's Church and spend some time in food fellowship with some of the LEAF Comittee and the Korean Team members before our Evening Celebration service at 7.00PM
    • 7.00PM - Final Evening Celebration Service: At St Michael's and All Angels Church - This will be an evening service of prayer, praise and testimony from the team and from members of LEAF. This is a public event and should be a tremendous time of prayer and praise led by LEAF Coordinator Alison John, Administrator Brian Edgeley and the Ashley Baptist Worship team.
      • Address Details:

St Michael's and All Angels Church
High Street
SO43 7BD

  • Monday 29th June:
    • Travel to London for a two day International Prayer Conference with Charlie Cleverley (St Aldates Church, Oxford), Jonathan Oloyede (NDOP) and Steve Clifford (EA).

Proposed Running Order:

At each of the churches we visit the proposed running order could consist of (but not be constrained to):

  1. An introduction to the church with a little history and its vision.
  2. A prayer-walk around the churches 'patch'.
  3. A time of prayer within the church praying specifically for its congregation, its fellowship, its various ministries and for the preaching of the Word of God.
  4. A time of worship.

Venue: St Michael's and All Saints Church, Lyndhurst

The team will be staying at the parish church in Lyndhurst under the pastorship of Rev. Dr. James Bruce who has been the Incumbent for 9 years. St Michael's and All Angels church which was built between 1858-69 when Lyndhurst was a prosperous and thriving Victorian town. The church was designed by William White in a Gothic style but reflecting a then modern feel with the use of materials. The church is built on a man made mound off the now one way system and rises above the town which reflects both the theology and ecclesiology of the Victorian period.

The vision that William White had when he envisioned and planned the church was to express something of the ancient and eternal from the Kingdom of God and bring the worshipper into His presence - in the heavenly realm during acts of worship. As you enter the church just lift your eyes up to take in the majestic stained glass windows ( by Kempe, Clayton and Bell and the Pre-Raphaelites, Burne-Jones, Rossetti, William Morris) and the child sized wooden carvings of angels in acts of worship. This brings the worshipper into a heart experience of the eternal and the heavenly that words upon a song sheet or hymnal cannot.

The Korean team, who come to pray throughout the night in this church will be doing so underneath this ethereal heavenscape!

The church is also the last resting place of 'Alice' of 'Adventures in Wonderland' fame. Lewis Carroll was inspired to write  the book based upon young Alice Hargreaves. Alice lived for most of her adult life in Lyndhurst. In Lyndhurst though 'Alice' is not the girl of the Wonderland books but a lady of Lyndhurst and the mother of two sons who were killed within week of each other during the WWI. Their memorial is near the Baptistry in the Church. For the latter years of her life Alice lived in Lyndhurst as a lady of the community.


St Michael's and All Angels Church Lyndhurst

St. Michael's and All Angels Church
High Street
SO43 7BD

Tel: 023 8028 3175
       (office open weekly from 10am-2pm, Mon & Wed-Fri).
Tel: 023 8028 2154
       (out of office hours).

Email: rector@newforestparishes.com
Website: www.newforestparishes.com
Facebook: facebook.com/LyndhurstChurch


  • There is very limited parking at the church and it is advisable to park in the main Town Car Park found a short distance away at the Lyndhurst Community Centre. 


South Korean Flag and the Union Jack

Prayer Mission History

Behind the Mission: the Korean Call to Prayer

In the early 1990's a Korean Pastor called Nam Soo Choi planted a church in South Korea with a handful of believers. God blessed that church exponentially and today the church is one of the largest Evangelical Presbyterian churches in South Korea. Its membership is around 10,000 people and it supports more than 30 missionaries world-wide. It has also established and maintains several significant relief operations in various nations, and its driving passion is prayer and world mission.

Pastor Choi and his church, in common with many churches in Korea, feel a deep sense of gratitude to the early missionaries who left the UK for Korea, the first of whom, a Welsh man by the name of Robert Jermain Thomas, laid down his life for the Gospel and the Korean people. This has created in many Korean Christians a strong desire to bless the Church in the UK in return.

Pastor Choi is also the founder of World Prayer School which operates in 70 countries, co-chaired with Dr John Wallace (President of Azusa Pacific University, California) and Mr. KyungChul Gam CEO of CTS (Christian Television Service, South Korea).

An initial Prayer Mission took place to the UK in 2010 with a group of 30 intercessors warmly welcomed by the members of 6 British churches. A second, larger mission followed in 2013, consisting of 300 theological students hosted in 12 locations across the UK. Since then Pastor Choi has been mobilising the large number of Christians across different denominations in 40 cities in South Korea where he holds regular Prayer Schools, sponsored by CTS. The plan for Prayer Mission 2015 is for the sending of 600 South Korean prayer missionaries from many South Korean Churches to 40 locations in the UK.

Vision Statement of Prayer Mission UK

Please follow this link to the UK Prayer Mission website where you can find their Vision Statement and much much more.

CTS Video of the Prayer Mission to Eastleigh 2014 (Korean)  


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