2013: Standing Stronger Together in HOPE

Standing Stronger Together in HOPE HEader

Each October LEAF have a gathering to bring together all the churches and supporters. After the success of the 'Love in Action 2012' evening of community action plus building on the previous May's 2013 'Standing Stronger Together' 3 day Conference, we presented Standing Stronger Together in HOPE 2013...

Standing Stronger Together in HOPE had a keen eye looking forward to all that we planned to offer through the HOPE 2014 Initiative and was aimed at bringing together the leadership teams of churcues and Christian organisations to share and discuss what exactly HOPE 2014 was! Obviously at the time this was all forward looking and HOPE Together was only a twinkle in Roy Crownes eye - all its opportunities for the New Forest churches were but a drea to the LEAF Committee! Yet the Standing Stronger Together in HOPE evening was there to act as a forum for people to ask questions. LEAF also presented a few practical ideas that churches could use or adapt for their own particular situation then and in the future. These gatherings are always a great time for spending time worshipping together and that evening was no exception! the Lord loves unity!

The evening began with a time of praise and worship at the Lyndhurst Community Centre led by LEAF Administrator and Worship Leader Brian Edgeley and LEAF Chair Phil Cole led the evening through. This was a great time of unity and inspired many in their vision of what could be achieved together in each are through HOPE 2014. It was also shared that Moorlands College would be lending all her students to the Weekend of Mission and they would be fanning out throughout 10 different community areas. All hubs of LEAF. There we also to be a unifying LEAF HOPE 2014 banner which would be rolled out throughout the forest so that churches and communities could proudly display that they were part of the same community project. The banner also fitted in with the HOPE Together national plan so banners could be seen throughout the UK.

For more retrospective information on HOPE 2014 why not visit the HOPE Together website by clicking the link.

It is only when we look back and see the thread of how God moved through certain specific events that we realise how He moved and inspired us through that time: We definately Stood Stronger Together in HOPE on that evening and throughout 2014 saw God's hand of blessing upon our communities as HOPE 2014 rolled out.

Original Details of the Event!:

  • When: 23rd October 7.30pm
  • Where: Lyndhurst Community Centre
  • Address: Main Car Park, Off High Street, Lyndhurst, SO43 7NY


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