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Prayer For Revival:

The Local Evangelical Alliance in association with the River of Life Church Tiptoe, has taken up the challenge presented to us by the Korean church in 2015 to gather together regularly for prayer. Each month, on the 1st Thursday morning between 07:00 and 12:00 midday the chapel at The Jireh Centre will be open for anyone to come in and openly pray.

Prayers for personal revival, church revival and forest wide revival too, this is simply a time to come together to call upon God to once again pour out His Spirit of revival upon this land. Come and make this time your own. We have all heard about past times of spiritual awakening and revival; those times past seem an age ago and there is now a growing sense that revival is on the horizon and it is our generation that must usher it in through prayer.

This perception of revival was heightened during the LEAF Korean Prayer Mission when a dozen prayer warriors visited the New Forest in June 2015. As we drove them out to LEAF churches across the Forest to pray for the preaching of the Word and they called upon God to open up the floodgates of heaven and allow the fire of His Holy Spirit to fall once again. This was an extremely powerful time of blessing and many people were touched and encouraged in their faith and the power of God. One New Forest church leader wrote after the Koreans had prayed in their church:

"It was a great encouragement to have the South Koreans coming to pray for our Nation with such sincerity and power. As a Country we need to be made aware of this tremendous need for prayer in every heart of the christian people and in every place of Christian worship!"

Prayer WorksPrayer For Revival is open to all and we are sure that this 5 hour slot will become a regular place of pilgrimage for many cross-denominationally. Obviously people are not expected to stay for the full time but to come and go as required. Refreshments are available and parking is free.

The monthly Prayer For Revival coincides with the leader prayer time (from 7-8:30am) where LEAF have made it possible for church leaders from all churches to come together to have a light breakfast and to pray. These times are intimate for leaders and so it was decided to continue with this work and to open up the Main Chapel for anyone to come together for prayer from 7am and then the leaders are free to join them after their personal time together.

Date and Time:

The time of Prayer for Revival is on the 1st Thursday morning of each new month between 07:00 hrs and 12:00 midday.


The River of Life Church
The Jireh Centre
Wootton Road
SO41 6FT

Pastor: Joy Bingham
Tel: 01590 682638

Map: The Google Map shows the site called Wellspring Church but it is now the home of River of Life Church.


Do you have a Special Prayer Request?

If you have a special prayer request or are in need of intercession why not take a moment to write to us and let us know. LEAF are committed to prayer and have a unique prayer email where you can share with someone and know that they will pray. This is confidential. See the link below for more information and send your prayer request online at the bottom of that page. Or simply write to:

Media and Downloads:

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